Spellcasting Services

Spell services generally available in a given establishment include healing and recovery spells, as well as information-gathering spells.The number of spells available to be cast is limited to a maximum of three per day total, unless otherwise noted.

Spellcasting Services Spell Cost
Cure Wounds 10 gp
Identify  20 gp
Lesser Restoration 40 gp
Prayer of Healing 40 gp 
Dispel Magic 90 gp
Remove Curse  90 gp
Speak with Dead 90 gp
Divination  210 gp
Greater Restoration 450 gp
Raise Dead  1,250 gp
Resurrection* 3,000 gp
True Resurrection* 50,000 gp 

*These spells require an additional expenditure of downtime days (150 for resurrection and 350 for true resurrection). This cost can be reduced depending on character background.

A character possessing the appropriate background requesting spellcasting services at a temple of their faith can request one spell per day from the Spellcasting Services table for free. The only cost paid for the spell is the base price for the consumed material component, if any is required.  Only some faiths are represented by temples large enough to provide this benefit in Waterdeep.

Spellcasting Services

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