Aren Arelon

Elven Bladesinger



  • Scholars of Candlekeep: Aren studied at Candlekeep and served his duty as a guardian of Candlekeep. He left just before the its fall and was not there to defend it.
  • Nobility (House Thann): Arelion family lore holds that Matriarch Cassandra Thann had an Arelon grandmother. While such elven blood is kept secret by the Thanns, the families fates still seem entwined for better or more likely for worse (see back-story below)


  • [Will] He came to Candlekeep do research on some exotic prey he was hunting — I helped him get access and find the info. My time at Candlekeep was coming to an end, so I joined forces with him – helping him find information, while lending a hand in the hunt.
  • [Marcus] I was partnering with [Will] and did the investigatory part of the hunt for [Marcus]. I leveraged my resources at Candlekeep (or Waterdeep depending on when this happened) and also traveled to consult with family members in the High Forest to learn more about aarakocra and this specific one who they know by his unique plumage. They even know of his “accident” due to their dealings with the aarakocra of the star mounts.
  • [Josh] While in Waterdeep I have been playing in a regular card game with him. I unwisely bet my prized possession, a diary written in a language unknown to all, and not revealed by magic (perhaps it is a code, or arcane tongue) and lost it, but he let me keep it in exchange for a favor.
    He was cheating. When I play cards it is not for the game of chance but for the calculations and odds (think Poker). I don’t try to read the players (Insight +0), but I try to read their actions and the cards (Investigation +6) — do I know he was cheating?

Aren Arelon

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