House Rules - Character Creation

Use the core rules from Player’s Handbook. However, characters of almost any race or class can be found in the melting pot of Waterdeep. Most of the published expansion book rules and Unearthed Arcana supplemental materials are acceptable as long as you check in with the DM first.

I'm also interested in exploring Forgotten Realms archetypes, so if you have an idea for playing a Cleric of the Watcher, Monk of the Shining Hand, Red Wizard of Thay, a Wild Dwarf from Chult, an Uthgardt barbarian, or a Harper or Zhentarim spy, and you have an idea for how to tweak the rules to make that work, lets chat.

Characters begin play at 5th level and follow the rules in Players Handbook with just a few exceptions:

We'll be using a Stat Matrix to determine the party stats. Starting languages will be a bit more plentiful and based on Josh's rules from the current campaign, and of course you'll also start off with better equipment. Bonds are expanded from 5th to include specific bonds that will tie the PC backgrounds together. Campaign dice are used to give PCs a connection to certain factions within Waterdeep.

House Rules - Character Creation

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