House Rules - Campaign Dice

There are powerful individuals and factions that exert their will on the realms in some way or another.  Characters can begin play with relationships to these "Icons" of the setting: rulers, great figures, legendary monsters, etc. Campaign Dice are a way to mechanize this.

The key idea here isn’t that your character necessarily knows “The Dwarven King” personally. But instead you have a connection to the King and his faction. Perhaps you’ve been of service to them. Perhaps you’re known as a staunch foe of them. Positive relationships mean that the Icon and associated agents consider you a good guy. Negative relationships mean you’re an enemy.

Note - Negative relationships usually provide inside knowledge, special skills, opportunistic allies, and possibly some sort of supernatural advantage against a villain. You might get help, wealth and resources, and even magic items from quite unexpected sources, some of which may not be entirely to your liking.

Using Campaign Dice

Each point in a relationship to an "icon" offers a Campaign Die. Some classes (ie Bard) may have bonus dice. When a relationship die is called for (normally during the 'mustering' phase of a game session), the player/GM rolls the dice for that relationship. A “6” result indicates a positive or supportive response. A “5” indicates aid or intervention but with an additional complication. Dice can be used only once per session.

Each PC starts with 2 Campaign dice. These dice can be used to establish relationship with the same or different "icon". You will get a third die at 8th level. These dice are assigned to the various Waterdeep Factions. What you can gain from Campaign Dice will vary depending on which faction(s) you ally with. 

Example of 5 results:

  • Success with a minor skill check.
  • Receive a potion, scroll, or rune (consumable magic item)
  • Restore one attribute
  • Fast healing for the party
  • Do something awesome, but at a cost.
  • 5 rolls come at a cost, complication, or penalty. The list below are examples

    • Start with lost hit points (take damage)
    • Monsters may re-roll an attack roll during the session
    • -2 to AC and Saves until after the first combat of the session
    • Lose a magical item
    • Gain the unwanted attention of a foe or lose the attention of a wanted foe

Example or 6 results

  • Anything from the 5 roll benefit list above
  • Discover the location of a magic item (once per level)
  • Success at a major skill check
  • Force an opponent to re-roll and take the worse result during session
  • Save someone from death
  • Healing for the party with no loss
  • Disarm a trap or surpass an obstacle
  • Do something awesome without a cost

House Rules - Campaign Dice

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