The Mistress of the Night


The goddess of darkness and the caverns of Faerûn – neutral evil greater deity. Counterpart to her twin Selûne, Shar presides over caverns, darkness, dungeons, forgetfulness, loss, night, secrets, and the Underdark. Shar was also the creator of the Shadow Weave, which was a counterpart and attack upon the Weave, controlled by Mystryl and her successors, before both of the Weaves fell into ruin during the Spellplague


Shar and her sister Selûne coalesced out of the material of Realmspace after it was created by Ao. They were incredibly close at first, so much so that they believed themselves to be the same being. They worked together to create the heavens and the planets and then created Chauntea to embody the planets and infuse them with life. Selûne lit the worlds while Shar coated them in shadows. Chauntea, however, claimed that Selûne’s light was not enough for life to thrive like she wanted it to and begged the sisters for warmth. Shar and Selûne argued for the first time—Selûne wanting their realm to be filled with more life while Shar was happy with the state of things as they were. The two quarreled violently, creating Targus, Moander, and Jergal in the aftermath. At an impasse, Selûne reached into the Plane of Fire and set the largest of the planets alight. Shar attacked again and tried to smother the flames but Selûne had torn off a part of her own body and hurled it against her sister. The raw magical power of Selûne’s body punched a hole through Shar’s and out of the two chunks of their bodies, Mystryl formed. Mystryl aligned herself with Selûne and, outmatched, Shar fled, vowing revenge against them both.

Shar brooded for aeons, striking against her sister whenever she saw the opportunity until Ao forced her avatar to Toril during the Time of Troubles. Shar’s power increased when she killed Ibrandul, though she lost the opportunity to also kill Sharess, whom she had been slowly corrupting. In the wake of the Godswar, Shar was revitalized in a way she hadn’t been before and began actively subverting Selûne and the new goddess of magic Mystra. Shar eventually made allies of Bane and a patsy of Cyric in 1374 DR. Together, their followers attempted to conquer Myth Drannor while the Church of Shar attempted to wrest control of magic away from Mystra through various means. Shar’s plots were defeated but she did absorb most of the divinity of her son Mask, but not before he managed to secret a portion of this power to his Chosen.

Eleven years later, Mystra was dead at Cyric’s hand and Shar combined the Plane of Shadow with the Negative Energy Plane to create the Shadowfell, where she she rules over darkness but continues to brood…


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