The greatest of the Sword Coast cities and perhaps the greatest city on the face of the world. It’s home to as many as two million people, visiting the open city to trade and otherwise seek fame and fortune. Waterdeep is a stable and generally peaceful city, where the rule of law is enforced by a huge and well-equipped city watch further backed up by some of the most powerful personalities in the Realms.

The City of Splendors is undoubtedly the most famous city on the continent, home to haughty nobles, diligent craftsmen, scheming merchants, daring sailors, and bold adventurers of every stripe. It has always been a center of the wealthy and the influential. Those who dream of power, riches, and fulfillment come here to realize their aspirations. Perhaps someday, with the help of the city, you'll realize yours.

Across Faerun, the name “Waterdeep” evokes feelings of wonder, awe, and envy. Although it is not the largest city in the Realms, the City of Splendors is undoubtedly the most famous and most cosmopolitan metropolis on the continent of Faerûn. Having grown rich on a steady diet of trade and industry, this crossroads city combines the best aspects of many cultures into a marvelous shining jewel. Waterdeep’s cultural patrimony is all of Faerûn, and its inhabitants are much richer for it.

Waterdeep remains the Gateway to the North, accessible by road, ship, Underdark passage, magic portal, or teleportation circle. Almost anything can be bought, sold, or found in its thriving markets and long-forgotten dungeons. Most adventurers worth their salt eventually make their way to Waterdeep in search of excitement, danger, or great reward. The trick is surviving and thriving in the grandest city of Faerun.

Thomas's Forgotten Realms

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